MiTuP #6 – Right place

A sadness was growing heavy in my soul while sitting in the bus on this lonely street heading to the desert. Still in my sadness I enjoyed the ride, the mountains, the colors. I soaked up the landscape just by staring out the window. In the distance I saw something is getting closer. I was holding my camera. Everything happened very fast. Continue reading


Mountain Festival

Back in Romania I got myself into a group of people who took me to hike in the Carpathian Mountains. It was totally new terrain for me, but I instantly fall in love with it. Through this community, I met wonderful people who accompanied me during my ups& downs of that time. I also discovered photography as being a real hobby, a real activity, a place I could create and express how I see the world. I discovered a happy place, my happy place. Continue reading

Good Life

Sitting in my kitchen and watching another TEDx Talk just got me inspired. I love these moments, they hit you so strong that you entire body fills up with energy and adrenaline! I finally found the right words to express what I wanted all this long. These portraits are very simple ones, but in simplicity lies the beauty. What I feel is that in order to have a good life, you have to have good relationships. They have to be connecting, vibrating, like an invisible string that keeps you together no matter what. That is the core element of my life to hold on to those people. These lovely faces are the ones I lean into. Once you found those, never let them go!

“There isn’t time, so brief is life, for bickerings, apologies, heartburnings, calling to account. There is only time for loving, and but an instant, so to speak, for that the good life is build with good relationships.” – Mark Twain + Robert Waldinger


MiTuP #4 – I was here

Walking on the Caspian Sea beach I saw this shoe. There was only one. Back then and when I exhibited this picture it symbolized to me “Being lost in time”, but since I listed to Beyonce – I was here song, it completely change the meaning! I couldn’t put it better than her lyrics, so I will let her words take the lead, because in the end it is all about leaving a mark. A mark I also want to leave behind in whatsoever form… I am still figuring this out… Continue reading

MiTuP Story #3 – Tea at the edge of the world

I am selective about people and with whom I spent my time with. This is no secret. I see people for who they are. And for who I am with them. If I cannot be ME then well… we are not good for one another. It’s just there is no firework between us. It’s not merely about surrounding myself with people who treat me well. It’s about surrounding myself with people whose self-worth, self-respect and values inspire me to elevate my own behavior.

Sofar Sounds Frankfurt –> Are BACK

The gigs in intimate spaces are back in Frankfurt am Main! We had the pleasure to listen to Matt Bednarsky, who inspired me with his positive and beautiful life stories that wrapped up his songs with a lot of charisma. The journey continued with Josh Savage, who’s voice really got under my skin. He took us to Paris where he dared us to get lost. And the story of why he has honey inside his merchandising will always make me smile and make me remember him. We finished the night with the talented guys from Ground & Sight who infused use with their indie-electronic/dream pop vibes. Continue reading

MiTuP Story #1 – Om

When we think of “Om” the first thing that comes to most of us is that “Om” is a sacred sound, a spiritual icon and a mantra in Hindu religion. But in my mother language it means man, human, individual or person. It is really interesting how often I use this word in my language but I never connected it to the meditation aspect. Continue reading