Sofar Sounds Frankfurt –> Are BACK

The gigs in intimate spaces are back in Frankfurt am Main! We had the pleasure to listen to Matt Bednarsky, who inspired me with his positive and beautiful life stories that wrapped up his songs with a lot of charisma. The journey continued with Josh Savage, who’s voice really got under my skin. He took us to Paris where he dared us to get lost. And the story of why he has honey inside his merchandising will always make me smile and make me remember him. We finished the night with the talented guys from Ground & Sight who infused use with their indie-electronic/dream pop vibes. Continue reading


MiTuP Story #1 – Om

When we think of “Om” the first thing that comes to most of us is that “Om” is a sacred sound, a spiritual icon and a mantra in Hindu religion. But in my mother language it means man, human, individual or person. It is really interesting how often I use this word in my language but I never connected it to the meditation aspect. Continue reading


“Wir können froh sein, dass wir unsere Phantasie haben. Es gibt Tage da brauchen wir ganz drigend schöne Gedanken mit der Wirklichkeit fertig zu werden oder um in die Wirklichkeit zurück zu finden. Und auch wenn man keine Experten für Phantasie und Wirklichkeit ist, tief in uns allen gibt es eine Gabe. Die Gabe andere zu inspirieren, ihn Kraft und Hoffnung zu schenken damit können wir fast alles überstehen, aber manchmal nutzt das alles nicht… die Phantasie nutzt nicht auf Dauer, denn der Schmerz liegt im Augenblick.” – Club der roten Bänder / Vox Continue reading

TEDx Talk in Frankfurt 2016

TEDx Frankfurt 2016

TEDx Talks are another way for me to escape and connect. I often sit at home and watch some  talks to boost my motivation, knowledge or just to entertain myself. These talks took place in Frankfurt am Main at Marriott Hotel having TRUST as a main topic. +400 participants joined from all over the place and it was an awesome experience. So what are the vibes of a TEDx Talk event? Continue reading