MiTuP #6 – Right place

A sadness was growing heavy in my soul while sitting in the bus on this lonely street heading to the desert. Still in my sadness I enjoyed the ride, the mountains, the colors. I soaked up the landscape just by staring out the window. In the distance I saw something is getting closer. I was holding my camera. Everything happened very fast. He stopped and looked at me. I looked at him. I pointed and shoot. Our eyes met for a moment. Even tough we both have different lives we both had something in common. We both were very curious wondering who is the person on the other side. I sure we asked the same questions: “Who is sitting in this bus?” “Why are they driving in this direction? “For how long will they stay?” … “Who is this man? How many goats does he have? Where is he heading? How long will he be walking?”… I love this moment in time, I was in the right place.