Road trip to Wolfenbüttel

I was raised in Satu Mare, Romania on the Wolfenbüttel street. Funny, isn’t it?! After I have learned about the meaning of the name of my street I started to joke around and tell everybody that “I live in Germany”. Hahaha! I was so enjoying it! 

Well, like with every joke, you laugh but deep down you feel that there is some hidden truth that lays there to be discovered. Slowly my joke turned into a BIG desire, a desire I wanted to achieve. Year after year my desire started to take shapes and slowly my dream was born. The dream to move to Germany. This was so intense and concrete that I was obsessed with this idea. Nothing else felt so concrete before in my life. Back then I haven’t any clue how to make the step. I even fell in love with a German handsome guy but still with my young age it seemed impossible to start a life there. I was thinking that taking that leap of faith and move to Germany for love was not the right approach and this only happens in movies. Well, love faded slowly and painfully, but the dream never left me.

Eight years ago I finally managed to move to Germany and start my life on my own feet. It started doing my master studies in tourism and curiosity made me stay, learn and grown. Still the wind never blew me to Wolfenbüttel. I don’t know why… probably all the other things I was trying to accomplish took all my attention and my funny joke just seemed lost in the past. So now after more than 20 years I finally reached the place I supposed to be from. Wolfenbüttel.

Back in Romania I never imagined with whom and when this trip will take place. Who thought that I will go on this trip with my most favorite persons?

I cannot describe the feelings that run through me on that day. I mean the idea of being in Wolfenbüttel after such a long time, was amazing. The city was simple, small and pretty calm on a Sunday. Walking those streets, some corners even made me feel I walk the streets of a gosh city, but having Jule, Robert and Johannes with me… it was perfect!  I took everything in. We fooled around, we talked about photography projects, life, friendship, we took pictures of us as you can see, more then about the city itself.

In the end this trip was not about Wolfenbüttel, but about the people I shared my story with. People who were curious enough to drive there with me because of a white lie I told as a kid.

There is no better way to reflect upon one owns life then to share your personal story. This road trip brought me closer to them, to myself, to love.